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instructional activities

Here are a variety of original course materials I've created as both a GTA and instructor for various film production and studies courses at the University of Kansas as well as for the Lawrence Arts Center. ​Please feel free to borrow or use them in your classroom, and kindly cite me as their creator. (Links forthcoming - 11/5/16)


FMS 100: Introduction to the Film Medium​

Discussion Session Syllabus

FMS 200: Film & Media Aesthetics​

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

FMS 275: Basic Video Production​

Lab Syllabus

Weekly Objectives & Lessons  - Cinematography, Sound, Lighting, Editing

Rubric sample

FMS 276: Basic Film Production​

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Rubric sample


FMS 302: Media Storytelling

Assignment & Rubric​

FMS 490: Documentary Production​

Still Image Assignment - Rubric

Documentary Project Assignment - Rubric

Project Evaluation


FMS 576: Animation​

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule


Secondary Instruction - Video Production and Animation - Lawrence Arts Center

Course Syllabus - Video Production

Course Syllabus - Animation

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