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I am currently writing to complete my dissertation as an ABD PhD Candidate in Film & Media Studies at the University of Kansas. ​

Dissertation Working Title: 

Branding the Cultureplex in the 21st Century: A Case Study of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 1997-2016

This study analyzes the socio-economic, post-digital era movie theatre marketing and branding practices that has transitioned the multiplex to the 'cultureplex'. 

The case study is made up of primary source interviews with the CEO and Key Players at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, as well as archival research with trade magazines, journals, and newspapers. Additional research data was collected during my research-funded participation at the National Association of Theater Owners' (NATO) premiere international film exhibitor's convention and trade show CinemaCon from 2014 to 2016. 

Chapter 1 - From Multiplex to Cultureplex: A Historiography of Film Exhibitor's Marketing & Branding Techniques

Chapter 2 - Alamo Drafthouse Brand Culture: Corporate Positioning and Strategy

Chapter 3 - Alamo Drafthouse and the Audience: Creation of Cultural Micocommunities

Chapter 4 - The Cultureplex and Future of Cinemagoing

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