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films by students

A sample of films created by students in classes under my instruction

Craiglist Connection (2014)

FMS 275: Basic Video Production

A film created in my section of Basic Video Production by a group of students. This film was nominated for awards and won Best Directing at the Film & Media Studies' 2014 Tensie Awards. 

A Kip & Brin Film (2014)

FMS 275: Basic Video Production

A lab-generated class film

The Kip & Brin script is a two-character, generic dialogue. As an in-class production, students brainstorm the set-up and how the characters will deliver the lines. The film is shot in the class lab for FMS 275. It was a way to guide the process and for students to sample directing, framing & cinematography, audio capture, and studio lighting. Students were then paired into teams of two to edit the footage in FCP. This edit was created by Travis Diesing and Alex Lamb. 

Collective (2013)

FMS 490: Broadcast Documentary Workshop

Advised students on the creation of this documentary film project for a documentary production course. 

Old Timer (2011)

Andrew Pouch

FMS 490: Broadcast Documentary Workshop

A black and white still image assignment or visual narrative created in the course Broadcast Documentary Workshop. Students had to create interview questions; conduct interviews and record audio; take well lit and framed photographs; and edit their project together in FCP. 

Quidditch: Beyond a Sport Club

Mark Sidener

FMS 490: Broadcast Documentary Workshop

A black and white still image or visual narrative created in Broadcast Documentary Workshop.

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