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I consider myself both a filmmaker and film and media studies scholar with an eclectic background that has given me many experiences and skills. 


​I subscribe to the philosophy of lifelong learning. I have an undergraduate degree in History and Secondary Education. Teaching is my passion and going through the School of Education provided me with training and experience to create dynamic classrooms with unique curriculum design that I have carried into practice in my courses at the collegiate-level.

I pursued a Master of Arts in Communications: Film & Video Production at the University of Memphis to further enhance my love of filmmaking. In Memphis I worked on the film My Blueberry Nights by Wong Kar Wai, numerous commercials for Modern Production Concepts, and a variety of student film productions. 


With a strong desire to research, make films, and teach at the collegiate-level, I pursued a doctoral degree at the University of Kansas in the Department of Film and Media Studies. 

I have a significant number of graduate teaching assistant and lecturer experiences in both production and film and media studies. I like the idea of combining film history and studies with practice, as I see myself always working in both. 


Community and campus service are important aspects to my overall collegiate experience. With a pioneer spirit, I've started a few undergraduate and graduate student organizations and helped organize the Graduate Student Symposium. My volunteer work includes roles as a researcher for historic theaters, and collaboration with campus and wider communities. 

My dissertation research is in film exhibition: marketing and branding, brand culture, business practices, audience demographics and microcommunity formation, participatory culture and cultural production, programming, and social media influences. 

Furthermore, my research and publication interests are in film history, film exhibition, mass media studies, branding and marketing, television studies, critical industries, fan studies, and technology.

In July 2014, I joined the Achievement & Assessment Institute at the University of Kansas to pioneer the Center for Educational Testing & Evaluation's (CETE) Video & Media Productions department. Together with my staff and student team, we serve all video and photography needs CETE. 

Teaching Philosophy

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